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Seville is the capital of Andalusia and of the homonymous province and it is located in the South East of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the fourth city of Spain by number of inhabitants. It has 704.154 inhabitants and 1.317.098 in the metropolitan area, 1.828.616 in the total of the province.

The Tartessos founded it in the IX century BC. Later on the Phoenicians and Carthaginians occupied it. In the 206 BC is taken by the Roman troops under the orders of the general Scipio, they latinize the name of the city calling it Hispalis. In 426 it was taken by the vandals and in the 441 the suevos conquered it and a century later, in 584, were displaced by the Visigoths: With Recaredo in the throne Seville enjoyed an epoch of great prosperity. In the 712 Sevilla becomes Muslim territory. The city receives then the name of Ishbiliya that derived later in Shbiya to finish being like is known at present. In this epoch its cultural wealth grew enormously thanks to the Arabian culture. The Christians regained the city in 1248, during the reign of Fernando III of Castile. The discovery of the New World was very significant for the city, that became the port at the outset European toward America. Seville became one of the main Spanish ports in the commerce with England, Flanders and Genoa, fundamentally. In 1502 the Mudejars were obliged to be converted to Christianity (Moorish), being achieved thus the religious unit as base of the national unity.

The Airport of Seville, also known as Airport of Seville-San Pablo is located ten kilometers to the North West of the city. In 1992 was built a new building terminal designed by the architect Rafael Moneo. The airport of Seville serves mainly national traffic (that represents 79,8 percent) and also international.

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