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Murcia is the capital of the Region of Murcia. It is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. The municipality counts with 424.362 inhabitants and is the seventh Spanish municipality in number of inhabitants. The metropolitan area, composed by the municipalities of Alcantarilla, Alguazas, Beniel, Molina de Segura, Santomera and Las Torres de Cotillas counts with 563.272 inhabitants.

Murcia was established in the year 825 by the emir of Al-Andalus Abderramán II who gave it the name of Madina Mursiya. Towards the second half of the 11th century, became independent kingdom. In the year 1266, the city was delivered without violence by the Arabians to king Jaime I the Conqueror. In 1296 passed to be part of the Crown of Aragon by the Torrellas Treaty. In 1304 remained for Castile as capital of the Kingdom of Murcia. In 1651 it was devastated by the Segura river with more than 1.000 dead persons During the civil war, the city remained faithful to the Republic until March 29, 1939, when Murcia was occupied by the pro-franco troops.

The Airport of Murcia-San Javier can receive airplanes of the size of a Boeing 757 or 767. As Murcia is a popular destiny for the summer tourism, its airport receives a high volume of charter flights.

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