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The island of La Palma has a surface of 708,32 km² (10% of the Canary territory ) and a population of 85.252 inhabitants. It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean set against the African coasts, belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (autonomous region of Canaries). The Palm is one of the Canary Isles with the largest extension of woods. Its inhabitants are known as “palmeros”.

The primitive inhabitants of La Palma were the benahoaritas, auaritas or awaras lived fundamentally of the breeding of goats, sheep and pigs and they collected fruits and roots with which they made a kind of flour that they called "gofio". At the moment of the conquest, the island was divided into 12 cantons. In 1492, about 900 men under the command of Alonso Fernández de Lugo little by little submitted to nine the twelve cantons through pacts. Then they had the big battle of Timibúcar to conquer the resistance of the other two cantons. The last canton, "Aceró" whose meaning is "strong and invulnerable place", couldn’t be conquered by Fernández de Lugo and he sent Juan de Palma, relative already Christianized of Tanausú (leader of the canton), to convince him to reach make a treaty but it fact it was an ambush. It is said that Tanausú starved himself to death in the ship that took him to the peninsula, while, according to the legend, pronounced constantly the word “vacaguaré” ("I want to die"). with the incorporation of the island La Palma to the crown of Castile, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Catalonian, Majorcan people, etc... arrived.

In 1987 the International Airport of La Palma became the sixth one of the Canary Isles in number of operations. Nowadays, Binter Canarias and Islas Airways carry out the air connections with the other islands. Iberia, Air Europa and Spanair offer connections with the peninsula and charter flights connect the island with several European cities.

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