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The island of Ibiza is located about 75 km off the coast of Spain mainland, right oppossite Dénia, 140 km to the southwest of the island of Majorca and to the north of Formentera. The capital is Ibiza (Eivissa in Catalonian) and the two most important towns, besides the capital, are San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. The island counts with a population of 111.107 inhabitants and a density of 193,22 hab. /km2.

Aiboshim, (The city of Bes), was founded by the Phoenicians, the year 654 BC. During all the Punic epoch, it was a trading centre of great vitality that exported manufactured products to different places in the Mediterranean coast. After the destruction of Carthage, the city maintained its commercial and political independance and continued the commercial and industrial activity as city federated of Rome until Vespasian made it a Roman municipality (Municipius Flavius Ebusus) the year 70. It began then a period of decadence that was maintained to the arrival of the Vandals, in the year 424 and its subsequent occupation by the Arabs. In 1235 the troops of Jaume I the Conqueror took the city. Their economic activity is especially inside the services sector, with the tourist industry and the small commerce.

The Airport of Ibiza is located 7,5 km away from the city of Ibiza and has parking space for 502 vehicles. The main way of communication of the airport with the rest of the island is the highway PM-801 that connects the airport with the city of Ibiza. Nowadays a freeway is being built to replace this highway. There is a regular line of buses (line 10) that connects the airport with the city of Ibiza each half an hour in summer and each hour in winter.

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