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Capital of the homonymous province, in Andalusia, and old capital of the historic territory of the Kingdom of Granada. It counts with a population of 236.982 inhabitants and of 472.638 in its metropolitan area that extends for the fertile plain of Granada. It is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada at the confluence of the rivers Genil, Darro and Beiro, with an average altitude of 700 m above sea level. At the edge the fertile plain of Granada, surrounded by three mountain chains.

It was populated by Iberians and Romans and maintained contact with Tartessos, it was part of the Visigoth Kingdom of Toledo until 711. It was an important city of Al-ÁNDALUS that formed part of the Caliphate of Cordoba. Later there is a period of continuous civil wars as they were trying to reach the throne of Al-Andalus. In 1013, the dynasty of the ziríes arrived from and founded the Kingdom of Granada. In 1035 is already a Kingdom of Taifas with majority of the Berber leading class. Later the domination of the almorávides comes and there are many internal fights Granada became one of the most prosperous cities of Europe and during the fifteenth century already had 50.000 inhabitants. The Palace of The Alhambra fortress and palace., declared world heritage along with the Generalife and the Barrio de Albayzín. This historic relevance comes as a result of the triple influence: Muslim, Jewish and Christian, and make of Granada an important cultural and tourist site of Spain. In 1505 the Real Chancillería de Ciudad Real, that was in charge of the territory of the Crown of Castile to the south of the river Tajo moves to Granada. This institution will be fundamental for the development of the city and of the Kingdom of Granada. The University of Granada, founded by Carlos I in 1531, is one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

The International Airport Federico Garcia Lorca of Granada and Jaén (also known as International Airport of Granada), is found in the region of the fertile plain of Granada, 17 kilometers away from the city of Granada, and 106 from the city of Jaén. It has parking space for: 450 cars, 99 cars for rent and 4 buses.

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