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Gerona is the capital of the province whose name is also Gerona (officially Girona in Catalonian language ) counts with 86.672 inhabitants, while in the province there is a total of 664.506. It limits at north with the municipalities of Sant Jullià of Ramis and Sarriá of Ter, to the East with the municipality of Celrà, to the southeast with the municipalities of Julià and Quart, to the southwest with the municipalities deFornells of the Forest, Vilabareix ySalt, and to the wester with the municipality of Sant Gregori.

The Iberians were its first settlers. Later, the Roman occupants founded the native Gerona called Gerunda, whose etymology seems to stem from Undarios (name that, in the Iberian tongue, received the river Oñar). The new city of Gerunda was inhabitanted with Sant Juliá of Ramis people that were obliged to move there. The first Christian report of Gerunda, appears documented around the 304-305 AC. In the IV and V centuries it suffered Germanic incursions and saw how the Roman power lost strength in the territory. The only power that was not affected by all these changes was the Church that expanded during the centuries IV and VI AC. Gerona continued existing and kept the bishopric united to Tarragona. At the beginning of the V century the fragmentation of the Western Roman Empire was already a fact. The Tarragona province passed to the visigoth military oligarchy established in the Gaul from end of the last third of the century. The expansion of Gerona currency was very widespread and samples of this have been found in the peninsula. The Muslim expansion affected to Gerona, probably toward the 715. Apparently the city was occupied with no much resistance, therefore there was not any destruction The Muslims quickly initiated the construction of a mosque and they expropriated all the goods of the church and of the visigoth nobility. The Muslim mark in the city did not have great importance, on the contrary was almost nonexistent since, in 785 the same local authorities that had surrendered in the 715, delivered the city to Charlemagne. To the end of the XIII century(epoch of maximum splendor of the Jewish community in Gerona until the Jews were expelled of Spain by the Catholic Kings) Felipe II assaulted the city. In 1416 Fernando I of Aragon changes the title of duke by that of prince of Gerona. The Napoleonic armies assaulted and they bombarded the city between 1808 and 1809 until the military Junta of Julián of Bolívar surrendered to the French troops. In 1939, the pro-Franco troops occupied the city. In 1990, Felipe de Borbón took possession of the title of Prince of Gerona, that belongs to him as heir the Crown of Aragon.

The airport of Gerona is located in the municipality of Viloví d' Onyar twelve kilometers away form the city. The airport was created in 1969 as an infrastructure of second order, reserved only for domestic and charter flights and immediately became a leading infrastructure with the arrival of the air companies of low price in 2003. Due to this, the International Airport Gerona-Costa Brava, was no longer an airport of the Province of Gerona, but an airport of national and international scope.
It is the main office, in the south of Europe, of one of the biggest air companies of low price, the Irish one Ryanair.

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