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Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Isles, located in the Atlantic Ocean 97 km off the northwest coast of Africa. It is the driest one of the islands and also the closest to the African coast. 6 Km to the northeast is the Isla de Lobos, a small island considered part of Fuerteventura.

Due to the numerous volcanic eruptions produced along history, many zones are covered with lava (malpaises) as Montaña de la Arena, Malpaís Grande y Chico. It has a surface of 1.659,74 km², being the second more extensive island of the Canary, and has a population of 86.642 inhabitants. Nowadays the foreign population surpasses notably the Spanish population. The old name of the island, Herbania, refers to the wall that separated two aboriginal tribes. The island already was known long before the Spanish conquest took place: the Majorcan, Catalonian, Portuguese, Genoese, etc... already they had carried out several incursions in the island and they fought the right of conquest. In 1593 a Berber expedition invaded the island devastating the capital. To avoid this type of attacks several fortifications along the coast were built. In 1812 Fuerteventura became part of the Spanish province of Canaries.
The export of wines, cereals, woodlouse, etc. was the motor of the demographic and economic progress of the island. In the 70s tourism makes a deep social and economic transformation in the island. As a result of this, a migration of the population of the interior is originated that tends to be concentrated near the coasts.

The airport of Fuerteventura is the main point of access to the island. Its facilities have capacity to give service to five million passengers a year It is located in El Matorral, five kilometers away from Puerto del Rosario, the capital. It is connected to the different municipalities by means of several lines of guaguas(buses).

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