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Formentera is the island of smaller size and also the most southern one of the Balearic Islands. It is situated to the Southeast of Ibiza, separated by a distance of 3,6 km . The nearest point in the Iberian peninsula is Denia (Alicante) 69 km of seaboard, you can travel through the island and enjoy its beaches whose wild beauty competes with the purity of its crystalline water. The island is almost flat, being its maximum height of 192 meters (La Mola). Its climate is mild, with an annual average temperature of 18,6 centigrade degrees and 2.883,1 hours of annual sun of average. The vegetation is the Mediterranean type, combining dune areas with forests of pine and of Sabine. To the North of the you can find several uninhabited small islands, the most important of these are Espalmador and Espardell. An only municipality, Formentera, conforms administratively the island that counts with five city centres: San Francisco Javier, San Fernando, The Pilar de la Mola, La Sabina one (where the port is located) and Es Pujols. The total population of the island was of only 7.506 inhabitants in the 2005. San Francesc Xavier is the capital.

The remains found of the Punic, Phoenician and Roman cultures give testimony of their time in the island. In the 11th century, during the Arabian occupation, the island had a stable population, as it is stated the remains of dwellings, wells and algibes of the above mentioned time. After the expulsion of the Muslim population, the troops of Jaume I conquered the Pitiusas in 1235, which were added to the Kingdom of Majorca. In that period ot time, Formentera was still inhabited by Saracens. In 1695, after the donation of a part of the island to the Ibizan Marc Ferrer, in payment for his services, finally was was inhabited by people from Ibiza. In the middle of the 18th century the population of Formentera was four hundred people and to endsof that of the 19th the island had already almost two thousands of inhabitants. At the end of the 60s the hippy movement was initiated in Formentera, this fact that has deeply marked the personality of the island whose main source of income is the tourist industry.

Formentera does not have an airport. In order to get to the island one must go to Ibiza by plane and from there take a ship to Formentera. The airport of Ibiza has international flights that, through different companies, they connect with the main European cities. If we take the ship from Ibiza to Formentera you will enjoy a pleasant journey of 30 minutes (or 1 hour, depending on the type of ship that we choose).

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