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El Hierro, tourist info

El Hierro belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the smallest island located in the west side of the Canary Isles. Its capital is Valverde. It is made up of the municipalities of Valverde and Border. The creation of a 2║ municipality, El Pinar is being discussed at the moment. It has an area of 268,71 km2 and a population of 10.477 inhabitants. The highest peak is situated in the centre of the island, the peak of Malpaso with 1.501 m of altitude.

The name of the island,Hierro, the aboriginal Guanche language, (Hero) that evolved to Hierro by similarity with the Spanish word. The old inhabitants of the island were the bimbaches. The conquest of the island was done peacefully by the of Normandy Jean Bethencourt. During various centuries was reference of the meridian "0" since was the western end of the known world, until the reference was transferred to Greenwich meridian. Due to this fact the island is also known as the island of the meridian.

The airport of El Hierro is located in the municipal term of Valverde and dates from 1972. In 1996 its installations were modernized.

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