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Barcelona is the capital of its province and autonomous community of Catalonia. It has a population of 1.593.075 inhabitants and it is the second most populated city in Spain and the tenth in Europe. It has an extension of 635 km2. It is located in the Mediterranean cost, around 160 Km to the south of the Pyrenees mountain range and France.

After the defeat of the Carthaginians, in the 2¬ Punic war, the city was under control of the Romans that called it Barcino. The Visigoths made it the capital it of the Hispanic territories. Almost the totality of the city was destroyed by the troops of Almanzor in 985, their reconstruction is initiated with Borrel II and the city became one of the main Mediterranean powers in the centuries XII and XIV competing with Genova and Venice. The industrialization favoured Barcelona to be converted again into an important cultural, economic, and political centre. The beginning of the 20th century was remarkable for the economic growth and the proliferation of new ideologies embranced by extensive sections of population, especially the working class.

In the International airport The Prat, situated 15 km away of the city, operate the most important air companies of the world, with direct flights to the main cities in the five continents. One of the three airport terminals is used for connecting flights that communicate Barcelona and Madrid with constant flights each hour.

The good organization of its infrastructures, the urban development organization of Barcelona, with its Ensanche and the bypass, and the large avenues that cross the city (Diagonal, Meridiana, Aragon, Gran Via) make you easy to orientate and the circulate in a private vehicle. The network of public transportation counts with an important and extense network of buses ( day and night), and well developed underground service that gets everywhere in the city.

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